Frequently Asked Questions

My candle wick looks like a mushroom, or my jar is black/sooty?  What went wrong?

When we pack your order to ship our beautiful candles to you, we include a Candle Care card.  This can also be found on our website – Candle Care.  If your candle wick has mushroomed, or the flame is too high and sooting, then it’s likely you have burnt your candle for well over the recommended 3-4 hours at a time.  We also recommend you trim your wicks (cut off all the black ends) to 0.5cm before relighting your candles, to give your wicks the best environment to work.  It’s best to burn your candles in rooms without drafts.


Why do you say to stop burning with 1cm of wax left?

We ask that you stop burning your candle at the 1cm/10mm wax mark, as lower than this there may not be enough wax left in the candle to absorb the heat of the flame, which can lead the glass to becoming very hot and/or cracking.


What do your candles smell like?

We know it’s hard to envision what your candles will smell like before you purchase them. If you do not want to commit to a full-size, we do have smaller sizes available in a range of scents, in our 6 set Spa Cup candles.  Or purchase our Wax Melts to have a sample of our scents, before purchasing our bigger candles.


I’m sending my order as a gift. Will there be an invoice with prices in the order?

Great idea!  We do not include invoices with our orders – so we are gift-ready.  You are welcome to send us a note on checkout (or email us) your gift message and we’ll include this in your order, on a beautiful greeting card.


What are your candles made of?

We use natural soy wax and a blend of fragrance and essential oils. Our products are not tested on animals, are free from Parabens, PEGS and contain no animal by-products and can be considered as vegan friendly.


How are your candles made?

All our candles are hand poured on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


Do you ship Australia-wide?
Yes, we do! Our shipping is calculated on our website depending on the weight of your order and your shipping destination.


Is COVID-19 and lockdown impacting your business and turnaround times?

We are still operating under strict Covid-19 guidelines and health regimes including masks, social distancing, sanitising, increased cleaning and a check-in at the door for our staff. We are not currently offering pick up at this time.

We are still picking, packing and dispatching daily with orders leaving our studio within 1-2 business days.

Covid-19 is causing many delays throughout the Australia Post and courier network, and unfortunately once the parcel leaves our studio, we no longer have control over how quickly your parcel arrives. We apologise for the inconvenience, but please allow a slight delay in the delivery of your items.

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